University of Tartu retains title of most prestigious university in Estonia

3 months 1 week ago

A recent survey of the reputation of universities conducted by Kantar Emor confirmed that the University of Tartu (UT) remains the most prestigious university in Estonia.

85% of the respondents to this year’s survey considered UT the most prestigious university in Estonia, which means that it continues to enjoy an excellent reputation which is continually improving. In addition, 90% of those aged 15-74 named UT as the first Estonian institution of higher education that comes to mind. This excellent reputation and spontaneous popularity show the stable leading position of UT in the field of Estonian higher education.

UT is most highly appreciated for the quality of the education it offers. Representatives of different age groups continue to consider a UT diploma (which is highly regarded on the labour market) and the university’s credibility to be very important. Successful alumni of UT whose current positions and activities represent the skills and knowledge they acquired at the university are also noted as significant pillars of its reputation.

In subject rankings, computer science continues to lead while technical subjects are also gaining in popularity. Over the past five years, the top five has included health care/medicine, law, business and economics, which continue to maintain their high positions.

“I’m really happy that the University of Tartu is active in modern areas of technology like computer science and informatics, IT law, entrepreneurship and innovation, gene technology and material science, which are considered subjects full of potential by the general public in Estonia as well,” said Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Mart Noorma. “The fact that UT is contributing to these fields can also be seen in the fact that Delta – the new study and research building of the School of Economics and Business Administration, Institute of Computer Science and Institute of Mathematics and Statistics – is due for completion in autumn 2019.”

The students of today and tomorrow view the University of Tartu as a strong and secure choice for the future, which in addition to high-quality education offers varied student life and spirit and a sense of community.

The Kantar Emor reputation survey is the most anticipated survey among universities. This year a total of 1372 people age 15-74 took part.

More information: Mart Noorma, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, UT, +372 52 39 159, mart.noorma [ät]

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Rector Volli Kalm was elected board member of reputable GUILD network of research-intensive universities

3 months 2 weeks ago

On 1 and 2 June the Forum and General Assembly of the Guild of European Research Intenstive Universities (the Guild) took place in Brussels. At the meeting the Guild elected a new Board of Directors and admitted a new member university.

The General Assembly of rectors of the Guild network universities elected a new Board composed of:
•    Vincent Blondel, Catholic University of Louvain (chair)
•    Eva Åkesson, Uppsala University (vice chair)
•    Volli Kalm, University of Tartu (board member in charge of budget)
•    Anton Muscatelli, University of Glasgow 

The Guild’s Board of Directors is a standing governing body responsible for the implementation of the network’s strategic goals, management and monitoring the budget. The Board is accountable to General Assembly; its term of office is three years.

At the meeting the General Assembly decided to admit the University of Bern of Switzerland as a new member to the network.

At the Guild Forum “Universities, Research and the Future of Europe” on 1 June, members of the network and speakers invited from the European Commission and Parliament discussed how to better shape the research and innovation policy in the context of Europe’s future.

The Guild is an organisation of European research-intensive universities, founded in summer 2016.  The network opened an office in Brussels to be actively involved in the EU institutions’ policy-making process and represent the interests of 19 member universities.

Although it has operated for a short time only, the Guild has already proved to be an active and serious player in European higher education and research circles. The member universities have jointly submitted proposals for opening Framework Programme 9, and interim evaluations of Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+.

Additional information: Kristi Kerge, UT Head of International Cooperation, 529 7677, 737 6123, kristi.kerge [ät]

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Swedish Embassy and Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia acknowledge students' achievements with a scholarship

3 months 2 weeks ago

The Department of Scandinavian Studies at the UT College of Foreign Languages and Cultures is proud to announce two scholarships worth 500 euros to Bachelor students majoring in Swedish language and literature. 

The scholarship is financed by the Embassy of Sweden and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, whose aim is to support and develop business relations between Estonia and Sweden. According to the director of the college, Kersti Lepajõe, the supporters' activities and large membership of the chamber are a good example of how many companies actually need experts who are well acquainted with the important cultural aspects of a foreign country: "In order for the business relations to be successful, we need mediators, who know the business climate and traditions in both Estonia and Sweden. In addition to experts skilled in economics and business in general, we also need people who are experts in the language and culture."

The scholarship is intended as a motivation and support for students demonstrating outstanding academic achievements, as well as active use of the skills and knowledge acquired in Swedish philology in professional life and society.


The application deadline is the 15th of June 2017

All the documents needed for applying and the conditions of the scholarship are available on the homepage of the Department of Scandinavian Studies


Kristina Mullamaa
Head of the Department of Scandinavian Studies
kristina.mullamaa [ät]

Viivika Voodla
Academic Affairs Specialist
viivika.voodla [ät]
Lossi 3-209
+372 737 5212


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An exclusive business development program NGAL starts on Monday!

3 months 2 weeks ago

This year, an exclusive business development program NGAL® (Network Globally, Act Locally) takes place from 5th to 24th June, engaging five universities from USA and Estonia. The program starts with the boot camp at UT IdeaLab and ends with a launch-camp in Charleston, USA. University of Tartu will be represented by two teams: STARTER program graduate Cody and the Coulomb Sailing Group.  

NGAL® is a three-week learning program for early-stage student teams. During the program, student teams will develop their MVP-s,  get guidance from business mentors and have a chance to explore your business potential at the global market. The program ends with the pitching event in Charleston where the best teams will be awarded. 

University of Tartu will be represented by two teams:  IdeaLab STARTER program graduate Cody and the Coulomb Sailing Program Group. Cody is a personal coding platform that teaches coding like Lingvist teaches languages, with numerous interactive exercises. The Coulomb Sailing Group is developing a business case in order to involve investors into the space technology sector and working with two cutting-edge technologies.

One of the team members of the Coulomb Sailing Group, Triin Teppo is hoping to get a motivational boost from NGAL to go on with their project and dream even bigger.  "We applied for the program because we see it as a good opportunity to understand how competitive our project will be in the international market," says Teppo.

According to Maret Ahonen, the Head of IdeaLab, NGAL is an unique project that gives young entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop their business models in a multicultural environment, with the support of international experts. "During the program, Estonian students can validate their business model in the US market, and American students learn about our start-up ecosystem," she explains the benefits for both parties.

This year, NGAL takes place for the third time, linking two Estonian and three US universities: University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology, College of Charleston, The Citadel (Military College of South Carolina) and Nebraska Wesleyan University.

The project is financed by Harry and Reba Huge Foundation. 

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Nearly 2400 learners participated in the University for Senior Citizens this year

3 months 2 weeks ago

This academic year’s last lecture of the UT University for Senior Citizens was held in Türi last week. In 2016/2017, approximately 2400 learners all over Estonia participated in the programmes of the University for Senior Citizens.

The University for Senior Citizens has drawn positive response and attitude both within the university and in Estonia as a whole. The number of participants and those who have completed the programme has increased every year. When the University for Senior Citizens was opened in Pärnu at the initiative of the college in the 2009/2010 academic year, 297 participants received the certificate. This year 1830 participants all over Estonia completed the programme. Over the years the activities of the University for Senior Citizens have expanded besides Pärnu to Tartu, Tallinn, Kuressaare, Türi, Narva, Valga and Keila. In Narva and Tallinn also lectures in Russian are offered.

The most popular lectures are still ones on health and cultural issues. In several regions also language courses, workshops and study trips are organised in addition to lectures. Project manager of the Tartu and Tallinn programmes of UT University for Senior Citizens Karmel Tall speaks highly of the regional coordinators of the university and encourages new learners to join the programme, “Studies at the University for Senior Citizens start traditionally in September. We expect all former participants to return and new inquisitive seniors to join us.”

Activities of the UT University for Senior Citizens are supported by local governments, the Gambling Tax Council, and private entrepreneurs. The average age of participants is more than 70 years. In 2015, the Ministry of Education and Research recognised the University of Tartu’s University for Senior Citizens with the title of the Learning Deed of the Year.

UT University for Senior Citizens has been established following the principles of lifelong learning in order to respond flexibly to societal changes and needs, and offer learning opportunities for various target groups.

Additional information: Karmel Tall, UT Project Manager for Continuing Education, 505 7433, karmel.tall [ät]

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