Taotle Nüüd

Master of Science in Engineering - Robotics and Computer Engineering


Master’s programme in Robotics and Computer Engineering trains highly qualified roboticists, computer and space engineers. The programme provides broad knowledge in the field of robotics, computer engineering or space technology. Graduates can work in enterprises or research and development centres connected to their field of study.

People are surrounded by devices that combine electronics and informatics. The Master's programme in Robotics and Computer Engineering focuses on the development of high-tech systems and equipment. It combines both hardware and software. Three main specialisation areas are computers, robots and space technology.

The University of Tartu researchers have developed a variety of innovative devices: robotics mannequin which allows people to choose clothes online that fit them; artificial muscle which is used in manufacturing articifical ilmbs and robots; underwater robot. These are just a few examples of intelligent materials and systems laboratory.

ESTCube-1 was the first Estonian satellite which was built by the students from the University of Tartu, Estonian Aviation Academy, Tallinn University of Technology and the University of Life Sciences. Its mission ended in 2015; however, currently the second one is being built. The University of Tartu student-led robot football team participated in the most recent robot football competitions RoboCup SPL 2014, 2015 and now 2016.